Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 13
automated optical inspection

A more tailored vision inspection solution for o-ring measurement

The quality of the goods are important to manufacturers, both in terms of dimensional accuracy and appearance conformity. Manual measurement methods are all relatively low cost and require a certain skill level and time of the person. They are very limited when it comes to testing a large amount of parts quickly and accurately. What is needed is an automated high speed vision inspection system that is tailor to made for the products. For example, o rings.

The system should allow an operator to measure multiple o-rings at the same time with same accuracy and with a fast speed. The measurement process should be high speed. By using a backlight with high resolution camera, o-rings could be easily checked quickly. The operator only need to learn how to use the software system and just click the template and run. At the very beginning, a large quantity of o-rings will be feed into a vibration bowl feeder, tailed designation according to o-ring samples. Then the machine can automatically run the items and check it one by one at a fast speed. The final step will be to collect the sorted items in different boxes. Standard machine will have 1 NG and 1 PASS port to separate qualify and unqualified.


Manufacturer knows the common and severe quality problems of their o-rings. So how can we make a machine that is tailored to the items? The answer is samples. We have requirements to the defective samples. Engineers need to know the defects, especially the minimum size of defects of each model. If the system can check the smallest defects of the samples, it can check a higher percent of defective rate in large quantity. A limit for the system is also due to the defective samples. Because all customer want to purchase only one machine to inspect all kinds of defects. But solution providers will ultimately provide a solution with max availability. So provide the defects the more detailed, the better.

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