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An introduction of machine vision technology and vision inspection systems

Machine vision is always applied in industrial or production environment. It’s the use of a camera or multiple cameras to inspect and analyse products automatically during production or after production. The data acquired then can be use to control a process or manufacturing activity. A typical application might be on an assembly line. After an operation is performed on a specific position of something, like it’s color, size or shape, or whether the target is there or not. After the product has been inspected, a signal is usually generated to determine what to do next. The product might be rejected into a container of an off-shot conveyor, or passed on through next assembly operations. In any case, machine vision systems can provide a lot more information about a product than simple absence or presence. The typical applications of machine visions are:

Quality assurance

Robot or machine guidance

Test or calibration

Real-time process control

Data collection

Machine monitoring

Sorting and counting

All of these typical application, machine vision act as a smart tool to help people decrease operator intervention and ensure accuracy. Normally a machine vision inspection system contains a firm body to hold all the accessories. To be more accurately, quickly and objectively, machine vision system use cameras and software to visually inspect and analyse products with respect to the predetermined tolerance and standard for negative or acceptance determination. Machine vision systems are emerging as superior alternative to human labor in process and quality control. With its ability to deliver high accuracy while ensuring the quality through the production line, vision systems also serve as efficient quality control tools, a smart robotic automation equipment that embedded with artificial intelligence. Searching machine vision systems, we will find a lot of popular key words:

Machine vision

Industrial automation technology

Machine vision inspection solutions

Vision inspection system manufacturers

Optical camera vision system

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 36

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 36

If you search special area or functions, we will likely find these:

Vision inspection machine for o-ring, brass copper component, electronic parts, automobile accessory, phone accessory..etc;

LED cosmetic vision inspection

Dimension measurement by vision inspection system

Screw head detection tool

Searching online is the fast and direct way for a company to find information. We would like to provide professional consultant service if you need to install a vision inspection machine for maintaining a repeatedly and stably quality. We will help to give you the confidence that only good products are being shipped from your factory.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 29

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 29

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Established in 2002, Sipotek Technology is located in Shenzhen in China. The company designs and manufactures visual inspection systems with its avant-garde R&D department and a great experience in artificial vision technologies. Sipotek is a professional machine vision inspection system manufacturer from china.The Sipotek Technology staff supports customers 360 degrees automatd optical inspection(AOI), from listening to their requests to the development of ambitious machines for quality control.

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