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Application and advantages of industrial automated machine vision in battery inspection

Machine vision plays a vital role in factory automation, and it is developing rapidly in more fields. While machine vision was once considered a mere substitute for human vision, today it has become a driver of quality and productivity, capable of capturing multidimensional, even invisible, micron scale information.

Battery production process, because of the coating machine, roller press caused by foil, dark spots, bright spots, out of material, wrinkles and a series of defects. Coating has a great impact on the performance of the battery, the general process of electrode coating is: unwinding → tension control → automatic correction → coating → drying → automatic correction → tension control → winding. In the coating process, coating, roll press links are likely to lead to the pole chip defects, seriously affect the performance and service life of the battery, or even explosion, threatening personal safety and property safety.

And at present for sheet defect inspection, most of the domestic manufacturers are using the traditional manual inspection, testing efficiency is low, Due to the influence of workers’ subjective factors, missed inspection occurs, the unqualified sheet flow to the next working procedure, lead to serious consequences, moreover the efficiency requirement is ceaseless rise, based on machine vision and digital image processing technology of sheet defects automatic inspection will replace artificial become the inevitable development direction.

Product Advantage

  1. High accuracy: it can accurately identify coating scratches, pole piece damage, pole ear welding asymmetry and other phenomena, the accuracy rate is much higher than human eye detection.
  2.  Objective repeatability: the battery test results are excluded from the influence of human factors such as subjective intention, emotion, visual fatigue, etc., with high credibility.
  3. Fast speed, high efficiency and low cost: the number of detection can reach 15m/min when human eyes are used for observation, and 60-80m/min when machine vision is used for detection, greatly improving productivity and saving labor cost.

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