Automated optical inspection (AOI) is an automated visual inspection of printed circuit board (PCB) (or LCD, transistor) manufacture where a camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure (e.g. missing component) and quality defects (e.g. fillet size or shape or component skew). It is commonly used in the manufacturing process because it is a non-contact test method. It is implemented at many stages through the manufacturing process including bare board inspection, solder paste inspection (SPI), pre-reflow and post-reflow as well as other stages.

Faced with growing demand from consumers, both in terms of quality and quantity, automated inspection, also called machine vision, is now one of the key technological areas of the manufacturing industry.

Traditionally, a manufacturing process involves a human element in the inspection stage where the products are visually inspected. This often involves product handling and, due to manufacturing speeds, the inspection must cover a subset of the entire production cycle. However, today’s markets require a higher production yield with guaranteed quality, hence the importance of automated inspection.

With the use of industrial cameras, lighting and optics, it is possible to capture a high quality image of the product. This can vary from a few frames per second to hundreds of frames per second, depending on the requirements of the manufacturing process. Once the image is captured, it is processed to include tasks such as: product identification, surface / finish inspection, measurement / dimension inspection, presence / absence verification, barcode reading, character recognition, etc. There is also a new field of vision related to 3D data analysis, which is essential for processes that require robotic control, such as transfer and location.

In addition, by combining the latest techniques, you can now realize systems that not only inspect the product, but also process it, which are based on industrial cameras for image capture and processing software. Robust image for inspection.

To automate manufacturing processes, it is essential to stay competitive and meet the demands of consumers around the world. For these reasons alone, automated inspection is a key technology today and in the future.

Sipotek offers automated inspection machines. These machines can be programmed for a wide variety of parts, rates and accuracy. All systems include data collection, image storage, good / bad and total parts counters. The bushing systems can be equipped with feeders for the operation of the extinguished lamps.

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