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Automated Optical Vision Inspection Machine And Auto Testing Machine For Magnetic Particle Inspection Inquiry From Kazakhstan Of East Europe

Sipotek is professional machine vision inspection system manufacturers with automated optical inspection machine,visual inspection machine,machine vision camera and so on.

Today we have received an inquiry about automated optical vision inspection machine and auto testing machine for magnetic particle inspection from Kazakhstan of East Europe.

The inquiry detail as below:

Dear Sipotek Team:

Good afternoon ! Can you give a price and a quotation for this equipment:
Sipotek SP200

Multifunction Digital Anemometer – a portable, professional measuring instrument with a large LCD display
and backlight, with multi-function switching unit designed to measure wind speed and the volume of passing
air. The device must have a function of holding readings (HOLD), saving the maximum and minimum readings, show
battery status. Anemometer Requirements:
1. Easy to read numbers on a large display.
2. Auto power off function (15 minutes of inactivity).
3. The function of recording instrument readings
4. The function of calculating the average and current speed
5. Maximum value memory function
6. Display backlight
7. Carry strap
1. Measuring range of passing air temperature: not less than from -15 to 55 C.
2. The range of measurement of wind speed is not less than: from 0.3 to 30 m / s, from 0 to 90 km / h, from 0 to 5860 feet / min, from 0 to 55 knots.
3. Temperature measurement accuracy 2 C
4. Accuracy of measuring wind speed: 2%
5. Temperature measurement step: 0.2 C
6. Step of measurement of wind speed: 0.2 m / s
7. Power: rechargeable battery (rechargeable).
8. Dimensions no more: 104 x 58 x 20 mm
9. Weight no more than 100 g.
10. Storage temperature from -15 to 55 C.
number – 30 pcs.
Our details:
Cutting Edge Petroleum Equipment Trading LLP (Cutting Edge Petroleum Operation Trading)
BIN 141240003160
Bank details:
Bank CenterCredit JSC
KZ288560000007128019 (KZT)
KZ128560000009642062 (USD)
Sales Manager
Cutting Edge Petroleum Equipment Trading LLP (Cutting Edge Petroleum Operation Trading)
Address: Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Best regards

Shukhrat Kibirov

After received this inquiry from our customer,we give a reply to customer imediately as below:

Dear Shukhrat,

Thanks for your email.

I would like to introduce to you our SP200 and One-click detection machine.

(1) The SP200 is our easy-to-use vision system with SONY industrial camera, 1.6 million pixels. The quantity of the cameras is optional you can choose 1-4 pcs. Hereby attach an application example for your reference. It’s about the code reading/recognition. The system set will pack in a carton, including a host controller + cameras+cables

(2) About the one-click detection machine.

I also have a video attached for you so that you can directly watch how it works.

The machine is also one camera set. The operator just need to place the product on the platform, press the button ,the inspection result will appear.

Reply to your question: Yes, we can do customized machines. Our one click detection will be customized.

I am not sure about the APIs or algorithm thing, but I think the SP200 system will be easy for those who already has the vision software. It’s more like a plug-to-use facility.

What do you think? Please share your comments. Thank you.

With Best Regards

Suzy Su


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