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Automatic Optical Inspection Manufacturer How To Inspect Rubber O Rings in Appearance or Surface Application By Machine Vision Technology

Machine Vision Technology Automatic Optical Inspection Manufacturer How to inspect Rubber O Rings in Appearance or Surface Application

Sipotek machine vision inspection cases on rubber products industry

  1. Inspection Details and Requirements

Inspected dimension:  (Inner diameter)10mm x (Height)2mm

Inspection Type: Appearance

Test contents:

  • Bottom appearance
  • Side height
  • Top appearance
  • Max diameter, minimum diameter, burr

Note: All the above tests should be detected under clearly visible images.

Inspect efficiency: 180-250 pcs/ minute (according to samples feeding speed)

Inspect process: subdivide the detection steps according to the test contents.


  1. Machine composition and main devices

Machine size: 900*800*1850 mm

Model: SP_302C

  • Sipotek visual inspection software system
  • Industrial computer
  • Display screen 19 inches
  • Industrial camera: 4 sets, providing bottom light, side backlight, top light, top backlight.
  • Industrial lens: 2 FA industrial lenses, 2 telecentric lenses
  • Professional glass plate
  • Solenoid valve
  • Reducer
  • Vibration cabinet
  • Feeding equipment (vibrating plate, direct vibration, controller)


  1. Installation environment

Enough space of placement: Separate machine installed on the side of your production line

Temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius

Air humidity: 90% RH or less

Electronic interference: Provides equipment with less electrical interference

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

Power consumption <1KVA


  1. Inspecting images
  • Bottom image

1.1 Bottom qualified image: OK

1.2 Bottom unqualified image of crack: NG

1.3 Bottom unqualified image of missing material


  • Side inspection image

2.1 Side qualified image


  • Top inspection image

3.1 Top qualified image :OK

3.2 Top unqualified image of missing material: NG

3.3 Top unqualified image of crack: NG

  • Top backlight image

4.1 Top backlight qualified image: OK

4.2 Top unqualified image of burr: NG

4.3 Top unqualified image of burr: NG


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