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Visual Inspection Machine

Automatic optical inspection system designed for Ferrite Cores

To detect ferrite properties, dimensional defects (shape defects i.e.) and surface defects (surface cracks), two different sensors have been used: an optical sensor and an electromagnetic sensor in a new precision system. Researched by the Crash project: Defect detection and classification in ferrite cores.

For Defect Detection, it introduced that the proposed system uses two different inspection sensors on the basis that
complementary information from inspection based on different physical principles enhance confidence in the inspection results. Different techniques have been used for different kind of imperfections, following the users requirements: shape defects (optical) and surface defects (both optical and electromagnetic).

In Shape Defects Detection and Measurements, The current practice of core production control is to select sample cores and measure their dimensions with a mechanical gauge which either accepts or rejects the core. To comply with this practice, an optical shape gauge system has been developed in order to quickly reject the obviously defective cores. The system measures the less obvious but still critical dimensional deviations from the standard values specified by the producer and represented by a reference digital image and a tolerance image, compared to the shape being measured. An important feature of the shape gauge system is its capability to handle arbitrarily oriented projections of the 3D objects. Therefore, the comparison of the measured and the reference shape is shift and rotation invariant.

In Dimensional measurement project of ferrite cores, Sipotek had an idea of a system integrated by two camera sets

Since the ferrite cores are brittle and fragile, the feeding method is considerable. We use special belt to transfer them across a linear belt to a glass rotary plate where the cameras are ready to take images passing by.

Dimensions will be easier for surface detection, we can only combine FA industrial lens with 2 Fixed focus telecentric lenses. Taking images with back lighting conditions and front lighting conditions.

An AOI system therefore is integrated to inspect the dimensions of  E-cores or other ferrite cores. With automatic feeding, automatic photo-taking, automatic recognition and detecting, the cores are sorted as qualified and unqualified, transported from two separately chutes.  This helps decrease the labor cost in the QC process. An Aoi machine generally  can replace 6-8 workers by hand inspection. It’ll be a good development for ferrite cores manufacturing automation projects.


Machine vision inspection equipment is mainly used for quality inspection in industrial products. Compared with human inspection by naked eye detecting, machine vision inspection equipment can be used to accurately and quickly distinguish defective products and qualified products. The accuracy rate almost reaches 100%. It helps increasing production yields at he same time effectively guarantee the quality of the products.

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