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Do you know the application advantages of Sipotek technology machine vision system?

The advantages of sipotek machine vision system application are mainly reflected in high accuracy and high reliability of repeatability inspection missions. Therefore, when a machine vision inspection system is widely in production process of different industries, it is necessary to consider customers specific needs and practical applications in many aspects. Combined with the feature of optical inspection to provide accuracy and efficiency visual inspection solution. Now, Sipotek will explain what inspection tasks of machine vision system are.

What do we need to implement for the machine vision system in inspect missions?

Inspection missions usually division into the following categories:

  1. Machine inspection process can contain only one or more operations related to the inspection missions.
  2. Read character or code(bar code) information
  3. Compare or match the objects with the template.
  4. Measurement or counting.
  5. Inspect the status of object.
  6. Cognition and recognition specific template.

Base on rapid growth of manufacture, now the product quality problems is increasing prominent. Common manual inspection can not meet the customers requirements. The machine vision system can be used to measure various of shapes and component dimension with high precision. Size detection: gap, size, shape, hole diameter, twist and deformation. Inspection contents: surface inspection, stain, scratch, missing end, crack, colors division.

In order to confirm the system inspection missions, we need to specify the type of inspection. For example blemish inspection, defects inspection and others. Next,to confirm the specific inspection time for each component. It not only decide by the PC speed, but also effect by the speed of production line. A lot of machines contain a clock or timer, So the time required for each step of the inspection operation can be accurately measured. According to this data, we can modify our program to meet the timing requirement. Usually, each second of a machine visual system which based on PC can inspect 22 to 26 pieces components, It is related with the quantity of components, the handle programs and speed of computer.

Sipotek machine vision system can improve the production flexibility and automated degree. Beside of that, it can directly effect the input data quality and application effects. It is inestimable value in inspecting defects and preventing defects products from being delivered to customers.

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