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Does a simple machine vision inspection system companies for the aviation industry work?

Since the idea of ​​carrying out visual inspections of all the pieces that made up an object, many errors have been avoided. Most industries have needed this old resource to be able to assure the consumer that their products are in good condition.

The manual visual inspection method was completely replaced a long time ago.

Since the manual method was no longer implemented in all industries, the functions of the human eye were replaced by those of a visual inspection machine, which was able to detect imperfections that were imperceptible to people.

Only in this way was it possible to optimize the production of various industries, which depended on the non-invasive method that the visual inspection machine presented to them when carrying out the detailed review of any material manufactured by them.

The popularity of machines for visual inspection does not stop increasing.

The technique used by the visual inspection machine is simple, since it does not need more than a good team of cameras that capture a fairly clear image of the object that will undergo the revision, in no way will it modify the structure or the components of the material for review it in its entirety, quite the contrary, is a non-invasive way of inspection.

Do not forget that the first visual inspections were achieved through the use of various measuring instruments, but not all the objects of a manufacturer are flat and easy to measure, there are certain structures that are quite complex, and of course need equipment more complex to achieve a complete measurement and review.

There are industries that require the most advanced techniques of visual inspection technology.

There is an industry that requires much more than a simple visual inspection, aeronautics, the pieces that are manufactured to be used in this field of science are mostly quite irregular and at the same time precise, since they are part of a larger structure.

For this type of pieces specialized equipment has been created in visual inspection that is known as “remote”, the name comes from the fact that you can only access information on the state of the material through more complex techniques than a simple surface inspection.

It is popular that in the aeronautical industry the use of remote visual inspection is considered, especially to check the internal structure of parts such as engines, for this high-end equipment is needed, much more complete than cameras and high-resolution lenses These elements involve precision elements such as fiber optic.

Luckily for this industry there are teams of different shapes and sizes that fit the structure of each of their pieces, that is how they are able to discard all existing faults and detect anomalies in any material that apparently looks solid and perfect.

The visual inspection has completely changed the life of all manufacturers, which is why it is estimated that for a very long time, this will be the infallible invasive method, which all manufacturers consider.

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