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How does Sipotek Sony industrial vision inspection system work?

The SP-200 Sony industrial camera system including positioning, defect detection, codes recognition, and geometric measurement. Users do not need to write a program, just need to follow a simple configuration guide to complete a variety of vision inspection solutions.

Various navigation functions are available when creating inspection settings. Even in high level 3D inspection, anyone can easily complete the task by only installing the navigation and creating the setting.

Vision Inspection System Application Scope

Six Application Areas :

  • Handling and assembly guidance: visual localization
  • Production on-line process testing: no assembly, mix classification and identification
  • Packaging online detection: identification of missing package, counting detection
  • Printing label detection: identify and read
  • Product traceability record: product barcode or QR code identification follow
  • On-line real-time quality control: appearance inspection, dimension measurement

Function Introduction

Eight Functional Applications :

  •  Positioning guidance: contour graph, edge, angle, center positioning
  • Classification and recognition: pattern recognition, contour recognition, no recognition
  • Appearance inspection: blemishes, defects, stains
  • Visual count: contour count, block count, graph count
  • Identification and reading: bar code, QR code
  • Geometric measurement: measure length, width, circle, point, line, angle, radian
  • Printing inspection: false print, missing print, printing ink

Application: Character Recognition of On-line Measuring Machine

  1. SONY Industrial Vision Host Computer *1(including power supply and power cord)
  2. Philips display 19-inch*1
  3. Wireless keyboard*1, Mouse *1,WIFI receiver*1
  4. SONY (1.6 megapixel) Industrial Camera*1 (including network cable)
  5. 25mm FA Lens*1
  6. 7060 White Annular Light Source (including 1 meter extension line) *1
  7. Adjustable Light Source Controller*1

Application Case: The Plastic Cap On-line Measurement

Key points of customer demand:

  1. Communicated with the IO port of the machine tested by the customer

In the actual test process, the customer machine needs to give the trigger signal, our controller need to communicate with the customer machine. Our controller provides 16 channels of output and 16 channels of input I/O communication port. In the actual application process, we need to set the trigger port after connecting the lines to realize the external trigger operation of the controller.

  1. Check the defects of plastic cap

The customer requires that the vision controller can realize the detection of plastic cap quality, including the detection of the spors or dirty in every cap and measurement of the dimension. The use of the controller’s Defect or Measurement tool can realize the detection of plastic cap quality and dimension measurement.

  1. Workflow description:

When the tested sample moves within the detection field of vision, the motion control (PLC) controller will give the trigger signal. When the visual controller receives the trigger signal, it will trigger the camera to take photos and give the detection result. The output port and output mode can be set to give the detection result signal.

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