Screws manufacturing process from the beginning, drilling tail, rubbing teeth, heat treatment, electroplating and so on must go through a number of tedious processes; For fastener manufacturers, how to deliver complete products to customers, quality control has become an important link of fastener practitioners.

First of all, the traditional manual detection method as below:

a. Thread ring gauge, flat ring gauge

b. Pin Gauge/plug gauge

c. Bolt gauge

d. Vernier caliper length gauge

e. Thickness gauge / limit gauge

f. Eccentricity

g. Projector

h. Roller mechanism screening

i. Manual Visual inspection

The above methods of testing need to consume a lot of human resources, a lot of time and cost. Manufacturers often conduct testing for customers’ products by sampling, and the risk of defective products increases accordingly. In addition, different operating habits of inspectors will have a certain impact on quality.

On the market, the optical sorting equipment is mainly a projection method, in the selection of the following should be noted:

  • Sorting speed

Taking M8 product as an example, in addition to the feeding speed, the detection content and camera image taking speed also have a certain impact. Generally speaking, M8 products are qualified only when they exceed 450pcs/ min under normal test items.

  • Sorting accuracy

Most people think that if you want to improve the accuracy, you must improve the camera configuration. In fact, the accuracy will also be affected by the lighting and lens. High-precision cameras can also increase computer processing time and affect the speed of detection.

  • Sharing

Fasteners, machining pieces of thousands of styles, size is more. Some sorting machines can only be used for one product, or even a single size, which can not replace human testing and save costs.

  • After-sales service and optical software

Most manufacturers outsource to other manufacturers, resulting in customers unable to solve problems quickly and timely. Therefore, the purchase of screw measuring machine more need to pay attention to the security of hardware and software update capacity.

  • Test items

Except screw size measurement, defects also can be inspected (such as: head crack, crush, tooth plug, deformation, etc.), Sipotek can choose a professional light source according to the characteristics of the product, so that the product correctly projected on the lens to solve the crush and other defects.

  • Integrity

The selection of the optical requirements must be considered, the structure of the mechanism design is also very important. Whether the feeding is smooth or not and whether the delivery of good products and the exclusion of defective products after the completion of the test are also a big factor in the purchase of the machine.

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