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How to contorl the quality of inductance products?

Recently we received a magnetic core inductance inspection inquiry from Russian customer:

Dear Sir/Mam,

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Is inspection of our inductance products possible?

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What defects will be happened during the inductance production process?

It is inevitable that magnetic core will have defects in the production process, such as crack, scratch, chip, crystals, dirt and so on. The quality control that relies on manpower detection alone can not keep up with the production speed quickly and efficiently, still less can it be accurate to eliminate subtle defects that are hard to detect with naked eye.

SIPOTEK ultrasonic surface crack detection use thermal sensing inspection camera to replace manpower detection, accurate and fast, save money and time, which can eliminate errors and omissions caused by fatigue in eye detection. Parameters can be set and the detection specifications are unified.

Quickly and accurately identify all kinds of minor defects on magnetic core surface such as breakage, crack, stain, flower surface, scratch, etc. At the same time, it can achieve the function of six-face identification and classcification, as well as detection of silver deficiency, weak scracth and weak spot.

The adaption of SONY ultra-high resolution camera, combined with the hign precision algorithm developed automatically, can realize the recognition speed of 100-1200 pcs/mintue, accuracy up to 0.01mm.

The number of vision inspection of magnetic core inductance appearance defects is 8.42 times that of manual visual inspection, machine vision can replace 6~8 workers.

Application Industry:

Core of Wire-wound Inductor

Wire-wound Inductor

Core of NR Inductor

NR Inductor

Visit for more information about surface crack detection machine application.

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