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How to inspect the thin film by machine vision technology?

It is reported that thin film surface has various of stains, impurities, mosquitoes, holes and other problem in the production process. Depend on artificial inspection can not meet the need of production and high speed production line for thin film which is easy to cause quality loss. Thin film appearance defects inspection can inspect the dirt and stain point, stripe, damage, edge crack, buckling, dark spot, bright spot, edge damage, black spot, defect, hair, mosquitoes and other common appearance defects.

According to the relevant information show that thin film visual inspection system use high resolution linear array camera, high definition lens, light source and other hardware equipment, coordinate with professional machine vision software technical strength, when product line in normal production, the highlight of LED linear focusing cold light source adopts the transmission principle of irradiation in the product line surface(for opacity film products using reflection inspection principle), through setting a line array camera on the production line to perform real-time scan, in the meantime, system will process and identify the defects of the thin film image which collect by camera by image process system software. Because it has obvious differences between the gray scale of defect image and normal products, the system is able to inspect the defects and effectively judge, classify and the subsequent processed for the defects.

The advantages of thin film optical visual inspection system:

  1. Convenient operation: just need to click “start”, “stop” to finish all operation.
  2. High stability: it can continuously work in the factory environment and ongoing inspect for 24 hours.
  3. 100% surface inspection: a alarm can be given according to the setting when the defects are found to refer to recover in time, avoid the production of a large of defective products.
  4. High accuracy inspection: the scheme can 100% to inspect the defects over the required accuracy to meet the customers instantly improved need of products quality requirement.
  5. Software database management function: accuracy quality statistics can be made according to each roll material. Defect record in details (size and position) and statistic provide the convenience to the production craft and equipment status. Offline analysis can be used to the follow-up cutting and quality management which can effectively assure product quality.
  6. System interaction: an acousto-optic alarm will be given when the system inspects the defects, other chain I/O output can also be add to the system.
  7. Positioning and identification function: each roll of product produced, system will automatic statistic the surface defects for this roll product and print the statistic tags at the same time, stick it on each roll product, follow the downstream of product release. Customers can rating products according to the label of each roll products, so that effectively use to allocate different quality requirements.
  8. One-button output: output excel defects details statement, convenient for user to further inquire, analysis, bookbuilding.

Thin film surface defects inspection system can according to customer requirement details to build an inspection system which conforms to thin film surface defects. System can correctly identify the defects in thin film production to feedback the defects information of production line surface on time and the defects are classified and processed. Compare to the artificial inspection, it can greatly improve the product efficiency, save cost and better to confirmed the thin film quality.

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