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Inductance detection scheme

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1. Contents and requirements of testing

Measure workpiece area:

Inspection of bottom appearance, top appearance and size of inductance sample

Content of detection:

1: Detect the damage and notch on the bottom.

2. Side detection of height and width.

2. Top surface inspection for breakage and notch.

Note: The above detection items need to be clearly visible under the image to detect.

Detection efficiency: 300-450 pieces per minute (according to sample feeding speed).

Division of work: Subdivide the detection steps according to the detection content.

II. Equipment Composition and Major Institutions

Overall Composition: Dimension: 900*800*1850 mm

Model: SP_302C

1:SPOTECK Visual Detection Software

2: industrial computer

3: display 19 inches

4: Industrial cameras: 3 sets, bottom detection, side detection, top detection

5: Industrial lens: 2 FA industrial lens, 1 telecentric lens

6: professional glass tray

7: solenoid valve

8: reducer

9: vibration cabinet

10: Feeding equipment (Vibrating disc, Direct Vibration, Controller).

II.1: 3-D Stereogram of Equipment Appearance


3:1 Bottom Testing Hole Mode

The original picture of bottom detection effect:


3:1 Bottom Testing Hole Mode

Bottom Test Fine Product Analysis Chart: OK


3:1 Bottom Testing Hole Mode

Underprint negative result map: NG


3:1 Bottom Testing Hole Mode

Bottom detection result chart: NG


3:1 Bottom Testing Hole Mode

Bottom detection result chart: NG


3:2 Side Detection Method

The original image of side detection effect:


3:2 Side Detection Method

Analysis Chart of Fine Products for Side Detection: OK


3:3 Top Detection Method

Top detection effect original picture:


3:3 Top Detection Method

Top test product analysis chart: OK


3:3 Top Detection Hole Mode

Top Detection Print Anti-Bad Result Diagram:NG

IV. System Installation Requirements:

Inspection space for equipment placement: Separately installing SP visual inspection system at the pipeline side, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough space to install the equipment.

Ambient temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius;

Air humidity: below 90% RH;

Electronic jamming: Provide equipment with less electronic jamming.

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz AC, less than 1KVA power consumption