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Is it necessary to buy an automatic vision inspection machine?

Automatic vision inspection machine is a part of automated equipment and has been widely used. But many factories are entangled when they purchase this equipment. Because inspection machine is not a processing machine, it is not a necessary product. The most important reason is that many factories are not willing to accept the high price of automatic inspection machine. Therefore, today we will discuss that whether it is necessary to purchase an automated vision inspection machine.

The advantage of automated vision inspection machine

  1. The optical inspection equipment is accurate. At present traditional inspection method in dimension measurement are mainly callipers, the defects are mainly inspected by human eyes, these inspection methods can not meet the market productions requirements. Especially the production industries have higher accuracy requirement for the components, the products defects are zero tolerated. Optical inspection is the best way at present.
  2. Optical inspection speed is fast. The inspection speed of optical sorting machine is 100 thousand to 200 thousand pieces. This for the production of special large manufacturers, employing is completely unable to solve.
  3. Non-contact measurement. No damage will be done for the observer and observed which will improve the system reliability.
  4. It has a wider spectrum optical respond range. For example, it use the human eyes invisible infrared measurement to explore the human eye inspection scope.Longtime stable working, human is hard to inspect the same object for a long time, but machine vision can measure for a long time, analysis and identify task. Good use of machine vision solutions can save much labor sources, bring considerable benefit to the company.
  5. The advantages of vision inspection machine are easy maintain, low technology level requirement for the operator and long service time.

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