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Machine Vision Systems For Ammunition Quality Control


We are interested in the machine vision systems for ammunition quality control and I would like to know, whether the following complex is within your possibilities. Below I’ve listed some of the requirements for the system:

1) Geometry control (deformations of case and rim, within 0,02 mm limit or better)
2) Quality control – indicating scratches, dents, corrosion, etc
3) System should be tunable for different calibers

System will function in almost laboratory conditions, so there are no special requirements for harsh conditions protection.

Ideal solution is the machine vision and sorting system, but installment of machine vision into exsting production line will do as well.

Would like to hear your thoughts!

Best regards,

SIPOTEK T-300 vision inspection machine adopts high accuracy 1.6 million pixel SONY camera to catch images and through SIPOTEK customized machine vision systems to analysis and judge defects.

Inspection scope: length, height, diameter, mixing, deformation, missing material, burr, black spot, scratch, etc.

Side Backlight Inspection- Bullet Head Dimension And Deformation Inspection

Side Backlight Inspection- Bullet Dimension and Burrs Inspection

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