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Machine Vision Validates Not only Final Quality but also In-Production Process

Machine vision system helps to enhance the images of a product to see characteristics undetected to the human eye, or to analyze image data for measurement purposes. The decisions made from this information are often related to quality, based on their shape or size.

For most products today, inspection is a necessity. Machine vision can add value by increasing the productivity and accuracy of the manufacturing process and reducing costs for the system’s operator. Today, industries from automotive to paper processing to food and beverage packaging are relying on machine vision to inspect products and increase the quality of the output. Industry experts predict that within the next 20 to 50 years, machine vision will become a universal factor across all industries, and that almost every product produced will be inspected by a machine vision system.

Machine vision is increasingly being used during the manufacturing process rather than just at the end to validate final quality. Products that are built in stages can heavily benefit from inspection throughout the process. Take, for example, electronic components. Electronic components are made in many stages from the initial silicon wafer to the final packaged chip. Using machine vision, a company can find bad parts and eliminate them early in the manufacturing chain so that the remaining production stages are never performed on the parts that are destined to be defective. Each production stage has a cost per unit associated with it, so if a company can eliminate the bad parts early, it can save money and improve efficiency.

Today, the costs of implementing a machine vision system have decreased significantly because of the lower cost of high-performance processors and improvements in sensors, cameras, lasers, embedded systems and illumination methods. With Six Sigma quality initiatives and the constant drumbeat of “better, faster, cheaper,” now may be the time to take a look at machine vision and determine if integrating a machine vision inspection system should be part of the quality improvement plan.
According to the Frost & Sullivan report, “Advances in Machine Vision Systems,” published in July 2005, “Machine vision systems are emerging as a superior alternative to human labor in process and quality control and are extremely sought after to create lean and flexible manufacturing systems. With its ability to deliver high accuracy while ensuring throughput on the production line, vision systems also serve as efficient quality control tools.”

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