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Manufacturers and suppliers of automatic optical sorting system machines evolve the food industry

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional automatic visual inspection machine ,automated vision inspection system,industrial machine vision camera,automated optical inspection machine ,optical sorting machine manufacturer from china with low cost and high quality.

Automated optical sorting can be used to separate different grades of glass, paper, plastic and aseptic (Tetrapak) containers from a waste stream or from each other using a variety of sensing methods.

Sipotek offers a line of automatic optical sorting machine that can also be used to do automatic sorting. The optical sorting machine product line offers users flexibility over a wide range of parameters that can be measured as well as sorting machines that are designed specifically for certain objects such as screws, rivets or bolts. One sorting system from the optical sorting machine product line is designed to discriminate metallic objects based on hardness. Each optical sorting machine offers powerful technology to any production line.

Today we will talking about manufacturers and suppliers of automatic optical sorting system machines evolve the food industry.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 4

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 4

Optical classification is essential in any process. Grain, food and plastics classification and help to meet food safety requirements and achieve a purer quality product.

Classification equipment includes different technologies, including cameras, lighting and learning software. Eliminate defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture.

Currently in the market there is a wide range of products that fits all budgets, capacities and product qualities. In addition, we can find companies that are responsible for working together with the manufacturers of optical sorting machines to add customizations that improve production chains.

What improvements classified optical sorting machines in the food industry?

Let’s start with the most basic, the seeds. Optical sorting machines are using directly with crop seeds, green fodder and vegetables. In addition to unwanted colors in it, its accuracy allows to detect defects and diseases in the seeds, in addition to the presence of foreign materials, with this a seed is obtained that can germinate better and produce more food.

In other industries such as the coffee industry, manufacturers of optical sorting machines have developed these machines for processes anywhere in the coffee processing line. These machines are found from the initial location of the green grain, to the verification of it when it becomes a roasted grain. Insect-infected grains are discarded and foreign materials removed, ensuring better product quality.

In the confectionery industry, machines can prevent the entry of hazardous materials into the product (such as metal, stones or glass). They are also responsible for verifying the shape, size and shape of the product, even ensuring that the color of the same sea is desired.

The dehydrated and packaged fruit or vegetable industry is not far behind. They are used with a large number of these, such as carrots, onions, leeks and beans. Here the color defects, unwanted stems or anomalous lengths activate the separation systems.

As for fresh fruits, the systems have evolved even to the ability to verify berries. First they are determined to produce minimal damage to products, and to separate products with bad appearance or unwanted colors. They also eliminate all the strange components that you can find attached to the fruits.

The capacity of these machines also extends to endless food areas. How can they be:

  • Grain classification
  • Classification of nuts
  • Classification of oil seeds
  • Classification of legumes
  • Classification of plastic containers
  • Spice classification
  • Vegetable classification
  • Etc.

As you can see the food industry has been obtained completely from this type of machines, since manufacturers of visual inspection machines have found it necessary to create increasingly reliable implements and verification sensors of the different areas.

The profitability of the food industry thanks to these machines

Recall also that the fact of not using human personnel for the classification of these products greatly reduces production by increasing performance and does not result in subjectivities at the time of classification, resulting in a product of the highest quality

With this, food companies are safe at the quality level and also at the legal level. Ensure that customers receive a high quality product, without increasing prices and business performance and profit.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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