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Medical and pharmaceutical devices safety: automatic visual inspection and sorting machines in medicine industry

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional automatic visual inspection machine ,automated vision inspection system,industrial machine vision camera,automated optical inspection machine ,optical sorting machine manufacturer from china with low cost and high quality.

Vision inspection solutions, also called machine vision systems, are automated inspection systems and solutions based on an image technology, such as cameras or scanners.

Automated vision solutions allow 100% inspection of the labels and packaging. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract manufacturer organizations (CMOs) and contract packaging organizations (CPOs) use these solutions to improve line productivity and quality control.

Vision inspection solutions use artificial vision systems allowing an automated and systematic inspection. These artificial vision systems are part of what we call artificial intelligence (AI).

With 18 years of experience in artificial vision, and significant and continuous R&D investment year after year, Sipotek delivers automated inspection solutions that provide greater functionality, more precision and increased speed to help you become more efficient, day after day.

Today we will talking about medical and pharmaceutical devices safety: visual inspection machines in medicine industry.

Sipotek Vision System Box

Sipotek Vision System Box

Taking into account the importance of the provision of the exact amount of a medicine inside a vial, it was not surprising that the human evaluation became obsolete.

In different fields of medicine, there is a guide to verify the status of a drug before giving it to a patient, since medical safety ends up involving many aspects, both of potential danger to the patient, and legal aspects harmful to the company that supplies the medicine.

From the legal aspect the verification of all medications and their imperfections is extremely important. The slightest damage can have serious consequences in the form of lawsuits to companies, therefore, legal security is also backed by these machines.

Given this, the medicine market has chosen to leave its quality check and inspection of medicines (especially in the area of ​​blisters) to visual inspection machines.

How do these visual inspection machines work?

Like visual inspection systems, machines operate on a smaller scale. Bottles, vials or ampoules are fed directly from a feed hopper, and pass to a wheel or transfer belt.

This transfer belt is where the true capacity of the visual inspection machine comes into play. All packages pass at a predefined speed through a visual system amplified by a magnifying glass. When the system detects an incorrectly filled bottle, it automatically indicates to the operator its failures. It is programmed to press a rejection switch, which sends the container out of the collection lot to a rejection lot.

This is the basic inspection system in filling machines. However, many pharmaceutical companies go further, and apply this process of visual inspection also to the labeling of the components of the medicines.

The surprising of all this, is the speed at which this procedure occurs. A base machine can fill and verify 2000 to 3000 containers in the one-hour interval. And everything happens with maximum efficiency, without letting a detail pass, something that greatly differentiates these machines from a human staff that could not work with such quality at such speed.

Visual inspection machine in medicine in other aspects

Machines in the medical field are not only responsible for monitoring the filling of medications. They also participate in more sensitive areas, such as the verification of medical instruments.

Several companies producing medical instruments have also opted for the use of visual inspection machines that detect damage quickly and safely in their products. In this way the products have become much safer in patients which has reduced complaints by those who use them, and have greatly increased the profits that these companies have.

But this does not end there, in terms of verification of medicine bottles, the machines are also for the verification of the quality of the bottles or containers in which they are packed. Any minimal routine could mean the inclusion of glass in a medicine, which could turn it into something deadly.

In this way, automated visual inspection has become an obligation in the medical industry, to have a much faster and better quality safe production.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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