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Modern Non-invasive Quality Controls: The Age of Visual Inspection System

Recall that due to the fact that it is a common method and that in some ways it is considered too simple, it has never been considered obsolete, and is one of the most effective for the location of parts, taking into account different machine vision systems manufacturers They have put this form of quality control as the first: Visual inspection

From the first moment in which a machine vision camera manufacturer installs one of its devices, the control by visual inspection is set in motion as the first element of judgment to give the acceptance of an individual piece or of a system as a whole, prior to the start-up of the same, or as the first control to subsequently carry out the following conclusive tests, which will approve its operation.

What are their characteristics?

As an essential part of its characteristics we find the Determination of the general integrity state of a part or component, including the detection of cracks, wear, corrosion, erosion or any physical damage on its surface. In turn, the detection of leaks of the components that retain pressure, and possible path of the leak that may affect the integrity or correct operability of the same and other components.

Existing inspection categories

Direct visual inspection:

The inspection is done at a short distance from the object, making the most of the inspector’s natural visual capacity. Magnifying glasses, microscopes, lamps, flashlights are used and, frequently, measuring instruments such as calibrators, micrometers and gauges are also used to measure and classify the conditions found.

Remote Visual Inspection:

Remote visual inspection is used in those cases in which there is no direct access to the components in which, by design, it is very difficult to gain access to their internal cavities. This is where the real technology comes to shine. Thanks to machine vision camera manufacturers and machine vision systems manufacturers, inspection systems are created that perform the same functions as those of a human inspector but on a much better scale

Technologies used in visual inspection

Artificial vision system designs and services must be adapted to the specific needs of each client. This is achieved by integrating machine vision systems into machines, which requires having a test laboratory and a highly qualified work team behind.

Artificial vision engineers begin their work by conducting a frontal analysis, as well as a feasibility study, which will give the main guidelines and guidelines when creating the concrete solution and adapted to the client’s needs before moving on to following phases of the process.


What methodologies are applied?

Measurement: The sub-pixel measurement tools, combined with the necessary optics and stable lighting, provide accuracy and repeatability to ensure manufacturing accuracy.

Verification: Verification is often combined with other work, such as measuring the size of the object or reading the barcodes of products.

Recognition: Recognition is used in artificial vision to segment, classify or count elements that have certain characteristics in common.

Positioning: Positioning tools range from a simple edge locator, to the most sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms.

Defect detection: Defects that can occur in products are usually random, so vision systems look for changes in patterns.


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