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Non-invasive online and offline quality control: low cost automatic visual inspection systems with high resolution machine vision camera

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In this paper we introduce Machine Vision System (MVS) for industrial quality control inspections presenting new perspectives with the recent developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A brief literature review is provided which indicates a substantial growth of machine vision new studies and an improved workflow is proposed to include these findings. Besides already existing machine vision solutions there is space to increase detection in quality control inspection and reduce current implementation constraints and technical limitations. The paper shows MVS new development and evinces that a deeper understanding of AI, MVS limitations is needed to provide a clearer path for future studies.

Today we will talking about non-invasive online and offline quality control: low cost automatic visual inspection systems with high resolution machine vision camera.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 8

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 8

Today, the quality of the products produced in a company have become its fingerprint. If a company for different causes produces a poor quality product, it will automatically be banned by a large number of different buyers. That translates into a fairly high amount of losses for a company, a situation that can lead to a serious imbalance in recovering the investment.

However, we find the other side of the scale. A human quality control system is not infallible, and in turn, it is not profitable either: the costs rise enormously by having to rely on more human personnel to carry out this task

At that time, automated visual inspection systems enter the game. Making a crucial investment in such a machine allows us to review quality from labels, prints to more complicated things, such as components or parts. And best of all, this quality control is not invasive in any way.

How does an automated visual inspection system work?

The best explanation lies in the function that performs these systems. They have a series of viewers which form a conglomerate of total visual inspection, and acting under image processing and analysis, dictate the quality of a product with respect to its status, measurement, and other quality standards set.

This system is so precise that it allows through these different sensors the detailed inspection of a product in a non-invasive way, detecting any damage or factory damage that they do to any product, not suitable for its intended function.

The other quality is that being a machine, subjective evaluations are beyond what is considered, which improves the profitability and performance of this system, compared to an evaluation of human quality.

What advantages does this system have?

The first is that the development and installation of this system involves only a single investment. After this, a control plan is automatically created where quality is verified in a non-invasive way. From that moment the company begins to obtain benefits, given the way in which the detection of defective products begins to work, not only to discard them from the assembly line, but through this announcement the correction of the defects is allowed to that everything continues to be produced with the right specifications.

This brings several advantages such as:

– Increase in productivity by quantitatively increasing the final products useful for the use of raw materials

– Reduction of loss of raw materials by removing defective products for material use

– Cost reduction by dictating the best use of resources and greater profitability of production

– Better final product, which translates to more clientele

These different dictates make automated visual inspection systems the true path to the future of quality inspection in companies. The effectiveness of this system improves productivity in an excellent way, to the point that companies that begin to ignore this option run the risk of not being able to compete in a futuristic market of high caliber.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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