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Several application cases of vision technology in surface inspection

As a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of machine vision systems for more than 10 years, Sipotek has rich technical experience in visual inspection system. Today we shares several typical cases for the appearance defects inspection.

It can identify online defects as warping Angle, missing Angle, surface collapse point, crack, scratch, etc.

  • The system can automatically set the size parameters of magnetic material.
  • Measure the overall size of magnetic material online in real time and display the effective size;
  • Ability to automatically sort good and bad products;
  • Defect Statistics

This equipment is suitable for the surface defect detection of ndfeb rough billet. After modification, the system can detect magnetic materials of different shapes and sizes.

  • Filter surface defect inspection system
  • It can complete single detection of both sides of the lens.
  • The test items include four common surface defects, such as edge, spot and dust, scratch and mark.
  • Different product quality testing schemes can be customized to meet the needs of customers at different application levels;
  • Support online automatic identification of filter surface quality defects, real-time storage of detection results.

This device is applicable to the surface defect detection of infrared cut-off filter, which can be customized according to different requirements of customers. After modification, the system can be applied to the detection of other optical lenses and mobile phone camera modules.

  • Gear surface defect detection system
  • It can detect the appearance defect of bevel gear tooth surface in 360 degrees
  • It can automatically identify several defect characteristics such as knock and crush, crack, scratch, depression and bulge.
  • It can measure the number of bevel gears tooth width and thickness.

This equipment is suitable for the surface defect detection and dimension measurement of bevel gear.

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