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Sipotek and its visual inspection machines from china vision inspection system factory

Sipotek is a professional china Machine Vision Inspection System Manufacturers located in shenzhen city,they are top machine vision companies with machine vision camera manufacturers in china,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

The evolution of the systems and the techniques for the detection of faults and errors have evolved in such a way that now machines have been built that perform these works for us, shortening the analysis time, and detecting 100% any of the faults that can be presented in an element.

Sipotek, the pioneer company in the advances of a visual inspection machine.

The company Sipotek has devoted much of its work in developing the most accurate visual inspection machine that specializes in the observation of any of the materials that require this treatment. All this is achieved through the most advanced technology in the field of visual inspection machines.

The machines developed by this company have been a great contribution to the area, because its manufacture derives from the perseverance and effort of professionals who every day manage to create pieces that express a greater precision at the time of detection. In Sipotek, in the phase of creation and assembly of the visual inspection machine, other elements are involved to increase the precision and perfection that only this brand can grant.

This assembly is achieved under the supervision of high-end cameras controlled by a software of inspection, visualization and image processing, which allows to detect very quickly, if one of the parts involved in the assembly presents a fault that will compromise the operation of a visual inspection machine.

Is a visual inspection machine capable of detecting faults at macro and micro levels?

The creation of the visual inspection machine was carried out to replace in a large part the work of the human beings who were engaged in visualizing the detail of any of the materials that need to be evaluated, but as is known, it is possible that human eye will escape certain details, for example the complete dimensions of the materials or also some minimum crack of millimeter proportions.

The precision of the machines of visual inspection of this brand is characterized by presenting the most realistic image processing, with such advanced technology that is able to detect any anomaly immediately, this anomaly can occur in any size and shape.

A Sipotek visual inspection machine is capable of detecting failure ranging from the largest sizes to minimum sizes. If you need a visual inspection of a piece whose size oscillates between 190 millimeters and 0.5 millimeters, the machines will do it, their levels of precision are the highest in the entire market.      


Can these visual inspection teams analyze any type of material?

For some time, the visual inspection machines had certain limitations when it came to the type of material with which the pieces were manufactured, some of them were excluded from those that were allowed for these machines, nowadays something has changed.

It is important to note that these visual inspection machines are capable of analyzing the characteristics of a wide variety of materials, that is, they do not necessarily have to comply with certain characteristics so that they can be inspected, for example, they can analyze pieces of ceramics, wood, rubber, among others.

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About Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd

Started in 2002, Sipotek Technology is located in Shenzhen in China. The company designs and manufactures visual inspection systems with its avant-garde R&D department and a great experience in artificial vision technologies. The Sipotek Technology staff supports customers 360 degrees, from listening to their requests to the development of ambitious machines for quality control.

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