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Stainless Steel Button Defective Vision Inspection Solution

Sipotek button inspection solution is suitable for rond and flat buttons made of different materials: plastic, metal, stainless steel, seashell, wood. The inspection requirement is to reject bad buttons with the quality problems of surface defects and wrong dimensions. We will use image-based processing technology, therefore all the images taken must be visible and clear for the vision inspection system. The speed of the inspection will be 200 to 400 pieces each minute.


Sipotek have a solution by using one set of industrial camera and lens.

Sipotek T300 High Speed Vision Inspection Machine Configuration

  1. Sipotek custom vision inspection software x 1
  2. Industrial computer with keyboard and mouse x 1
  3. Philips 19”/22”LCD screen x 1
  4. Industrial camera from SONY / Basler / Baumer x 1
  5. Industrial FA professional lens x 1
  6. Glass rotary disc carrier x 1
  7. Custom vibration feeder with bowl hopper, linear vibrator and controller x 1
Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 34

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 34

Machine functions

  1. Feeding the buttons in large amount automatically through vibration bowl feeder
  2. Inspection each button on top face
  3. Rejected those with defects and wrong dimensions automatically
  4. Collection and sorting in OK and NG boxes
  5. Only one operation can control and maintain
  6. Continuously working for 24 hours


Machine installation

  1. The machine is about 3-4 square meters. The installation space should be enough.
  2. The environment should be dry and clean;
  3. Environment temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius;
  4. Air humidity: below 90% RH;
  5. Electronic interference: Provides the equipment with low electrical interference.
  6. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz, power consumption <1KVA.


Inspection images on Sipotek T300 vision inspection machine

About Sipotek

Shenzhen Sipotek technology company limited was established in 2002 and its main businses is machine vision automation system and complete equipment. The company has formed a team with 12 senior personnel on machine vision system and industrial automation engineers. Our targets customers are from industrial of precision hardware parts, electronic components, rubber silicone parts and etc. We provide both online vision system for vision engineers and complete machine for offline inspection for manufactuers.

Sipotek is committed to becoming a leader in visual inspection field, creating values for customers. We provide visual inspection solution with free charger. If you have quality issue, you can consoult us by the following:

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