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The application of defect inspection in cigarette and tobacco packaging

Cigarette and tobacco industry not only create a large amount of tax revenue for the country, but also provide a large number of employment opportunities for the people. It is a very important economic field in China.

Cigarette are manufactured quickly and in large number. It means that there will be many defective products in the production process. It is very important to find out the defective products in time and to sort them out in the production process, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources. If the unqualified cigarettes and tobaccos are not removed in the production process, it will enter the next packaging or packing process. There is no difference in the appearance, but if customers who buy unqualified products will have a doubt about the products quality which will reduce customers satisfaction and serious bad more seriously affect the brand value and product credibility.

Machine visual inspection machine for the cigarette and tobacco is one of the most complex visual machines in the automated industry. There are three styles of cigarette and tobacco packaging, soft packaging, hard packaging and stripe packaging.

Because the outer packaging of soft pack is much softer, it is easy to cause deformation during the production process. Therefore, detecting the soft pack will be the most different part in the cigarette and tobacco manufacture process. The main detect contents of cigarette and tobacco soft packs include trademark, top florets, missing printing, correct orientation and situation, the packing quality of top and bottom, related position inspection, etc.

At this stage, most of our country cigarette and tobacco manufactures will detect the cigarette and tobacco by manual sampling which means that cigarette and tobacco manufacture can not be inspected online. Inspecting by manual sampling will indicate that there will be lots of defective products without manual sampling and enter the market for sale.

At present, with the development of the industrial vision inspection technology in China, in order to cope with the high production speed of cigarette and tobacco, through the use of CCD industry cameras, products are photographed and analyzed on the production line, which will replace the manual sampling by machine vision to realize the full inspection of the cigarette and tobacco during the production process. With the technology of machine vision, it is possible to detect trademark, dimension, appearance defects and remove defective products from the production line to prevent defective product flow into the market.

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