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The use of vision location technology in battery production

In Li-battery production and assembly period, the positive and negative pole pieces of lamination station places in the isolating membrane which will effect the battery functions. This dislocation will reduce the effective response area of pole pieces, even it will be short circuit in battery inner. Use Sipotek vision inspection equipment location technology can avoid this risk, the main reason is that on the both ends of film will longer 2mm~5mm than pole pieces after the isolating membrane divide the positive and negative pole pieces. If the position is not suitable, it will have an impact on the actual edge size of the pole sheet needed for the top and side sealing of the lower process. Only when the positioning is accurate, can the automatic packaging be completed effectively.

Machine vision can effectively contain the pole pieces actual edge, receive the correct image information of ideal pole piece counter and feedback the image information to PLC, control the following equipment action. Eliminate the safety risk for the lamination station sealing and other step because of incorrect location.

In the assembly section of lithium battery production, the poles behind the electrodes need to be overlapped one by one. The isolation film is used to separate positive and negative electrodes in z-shape for primary packaging. Both ends of the pole ear leakage in the outer end. The next step is shell entry and laser welding. It is necessary to place the whole stack electrode piece wrapped in the isolation film in the aluminum shell accurately, and then adopt laser welding package. The laser welding part can be positioned and welded by machine vision technology to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

Under normal circumstances, when we choose the light source for the light test, we will give priority to the long-band backlighting method, which will help the light to penetrate the isolation film at both ends, and expose the isolation film with more lengths at both ends to The gray scale feature of the edge profile of the pole piece is realized; however, the separator is milky white and the surface is smooth; in the process of winding the film, there are 3 to 4 times of repeated winding process, and the wrapping film has a thickness of about 4 layers on one side. Conventional LED light source can not penetrate, the light will be reflected by the smooth surface of the isolation film, or can not penetrate the multilayer film; there are also infrared light sources with longer wavelength bands, such as the conventional 940nm infrared light source, even if it is close to the bottom of the product. It is also impossible to obtain stable pole profile features.

In addition, in the actual production process, the pole piece has higher requirements on efficiency and equipment beat, and the long-term production process will produce powder removal. The surface of the transmission device will produce a lot of dust and dark sediment, which will also cause objective use for the backlight. Influence; and mechanical arm grabbing and other factors, so it is difficult to achieve a bottom lighting project visual inspection solution.

Sipotek uses unique lighting technology to solve these problems that visual image technology cannot be applied to in the original battery production. It adopts the simple light illumination method with easy installation; with the normal operation environment of the original production equipment, the accurate contour of the pole piece under the sealing layer layer is effectively obtained.

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