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The Worth And Value Of Optical Screen Sorting Machine And Optical Plastic Sorter From Machine Vision Camera Manufacturers

Optical screen sorting machines, also known as full machine vision inspection machines or CCD vision inspection machines, were first used in precision fasteners, nuts and other fastener industries. They were slowly expanding and applied to other industries, such as the seal parts industry, connector industry, magnetic materials industry and etc. The value of optical sorting machines is also gradually accepted and recognized by a large number of enterprises. However, in the actual optical screen sorting machine promotion situation, doubts and misunderstandings are raised in some corporate decision makers. Now it’s time to clear the doubts and misunderstandings and give the explanation and introduction of the true value of optical screen sorting machine.

There are some general concerns and doubts from decision makers:

  1. My orders are unstable
  2. Let’s wait for a second
  3. The price is too high
  4. Human inspection is still working


We can find values of optical screen machines as following.

  1. As for the unstable orders, we need to considerate more about the reasons. When you find there is no problem in materials and production process, you will only concern about quality aspect. Most of the time customer will stop cooperation while quality problem happened. We need to guarantee quality so that customer will have faith with your products and keep a long term business.
  2. Time waits for no man. Waiting gives less chances for business. When you hold your speed, wait and see, your orders are placed by other business competitors already. It’s late when you hesitate whether you should update your inspection process.
  3. Cost is the basic element of every product. Nowadays there is no huge profit in practical industry. We have to concentrate on not only the price, but the value of the product it can make. When you choose an optical screen sorting machine, you will firstly check its business qualifications and hardware configuration. And the software must be self-developed. Some optical screen sorting machine companies use purchased software system, their future upgrading is limited. Our self-developed software gives no worries about upgrade. You can check on-site in company and see if the sorting solution meet your requirements. You will find there is a large potential in optical screen sorting machine.
  4. Human inspection is traditional in manufacturing industry. Cost of labor source is a big problem. Quality inspection will be influenced by human subjective emotion and fatigue. The efficiency of the quality can not be guaranteed. It happens that good parts will mix with negative parts. It’s important to ensure the quality and deliver orders on time.


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