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Uses Of Automated Vision Or Automatic Visual Inspection Machines Technology: A Nondestructive Testing Technique

Sipotek is a professional china automated optical inspection machine manufacturers located in shenzhen city,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

Despite technological advances in inspection technology, inspection and the leading and most important testing method is the visual inspection technique.

A visual inspection machine is manufactured to detect any type of imperfection: cuts, breakage, stains, scratches, porosity, and imperfection of the profile. As such, the ultimate aim is to assist the customer to produce perfect parts: products that allow them to compete and perform well in an ever demanding market place.

Visual investigation is one of the most recognized and effective methods for non-destructive testing. The visual test requires sufficient light from the test surface and a legitimate view of the analyzer. However, to pass a visual examination, it deserves special attention because it requires training (knowledge of the element and procedure, anticipated administrative conditions, recognition criteria, archiving, for example) and has its own instrumentation and equipment.

Similarly, it is a fact that any imperfections found in the end by other techniques should be justified by a visual examination. The VT can be accompanied by direct visual tests, remote visual tests and translucent visual tests.

Visual inspection can be used to explore the internal and external surfaces of an assortment of equipment, including pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping and other tools. Despite advances in other NDE innovations, visual inspection is likely to remain the primary investigative strategy for many field applications. As new mechanical and optical guides become available, the consistent quality of visual inspection techniques will increase to more appropriate levels.

Visual inspection of NDTs is an essential technique that is often ignored. For this reason, evaluators should start with the NDT sector. For example, a visual assessment of an operating installation can often reveal obvious emission areas, such as excessive pulsation, seep outs, rust or misalignment. This survey is an extremely expert practice and can be used to identify territories requiring additional application of NDT.

Visual inspection training, while simple to learn, requires skills. By learning the visual tests, you will be well prepared for any field that depends on techniques for visual control. Non-destructive testing, including visual inspection methods, is a convincing method for performing essential non-destructive testing. Enjoy the benefits of non-destructive testing tips and learn the technique of visual examination immediately!

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