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What are the advantages of automated optical inspection sorting machines compared with manual visual inspection?

In the process of automated production, the dimension inspection machine in China manufacturing industrial has gradually replaced artificial visual inspection, this trend can’t be irreversible.

The coming of the 2025 age of the intelligent manufacturing, machine vision technology has become relatively mature to replace human eye inspection for measurement and judgement.

So, what are the outstanding advantages of machine vision comparing with the labor.

  • High Accuracy

Long time work will be easy to cause tiredness, the quality of work is not good, which will influence the detection accuracy. The detection accuracy of manual is 92% to 94%. Machine detection accuracy can reach over 99%. Machine vision can improve production efficiency and automated degree.

  • High precision

The detection accuracy can reach 0.003mm, which is high beyond the artificial detection accuracy.

  • High efficiency

A visual automated inspection equipment efficiency can reach 200-1200 pcs/min, it can work 24 hours, completely replacing 4 to 6 workers, and even more.

  • Low cost input rate, high return rate

Training a excellence inspector will spend a lot of manpower, material and time cost. Visual inspection machine, can be repeatedly use in production through the precise adjustment and operation in the early stage, no need to pay for the extra training fee and salaries.

  • Avoid personal safety risk

Detecting the working situation in some special industrial environment, such as welding, gunpower manufacturing, etc. Artificial inspection may be caused some personal safety risk to the operator, visual inspection equipment can effectively avoid these risks in some degree.

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