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What are the functions of machine vision surface defect inspection system?

Machine vision inspection is the use of machines instead of the naked eye to detect and judge. Machine vision is the process of converting the need to be detected into an image signal using a charge-coupled device CCD camera, which is transmitted to the machine vision system for processing and converted into a digital signal according to the pixel.

Surface defect inspection system is the use of advanced machine vision inspection technology, the surface of the workpiece spots, pits, scratches, color difference, defects and other defects to detect, here we will introduce more information of machine visual inspection systems.

Now many software enterprises at home and abroad have developed a lot of such vision inspection software, the system can be set according to the technical indicators required to automatically detect, and the defective parts to identify, but also as needed automatic sorting, removal, surface defect inspection system has the following functions, automatic completion of the workpiece and camera to obtain image synchronization, automatic detection of product surface spots, pits, copper dots, scratches and other defects.

According to the need to learn and name the defect type, according to the need to choose the defect type needs to be detected, according to the need to set the size of defects, the location of the bad position, can control the labeling equipment, printing equipment to identify, the image of the bad products automatically stored, can carry out historical inquiries, automatic statistics good products, bad products, Total, etc.

Abnormal when providing sound, light alarm, and control equipment shutdown, the system has self-study function, and the learning process is simple, the current defect detection system is the most used metal surface, glass surface, paper surface, electronic components surface, such as the appearance of strict requirements and clear indicators of the items.

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