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What are the machines created by optical sorting machine manufacturers capable of?

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional automatic visual inspection machine ,automated vision inspection system,industrial machine vision camera,automated optical inspection machine ,optical sorting machine manufacturer from china with low cost and high quality.

Automated optical sorting can be used to separate different grades of glass, paper, plastic and aseptic (Tetrapak) containers from a waste stream or from each other using a variety of sensing methods.

Sipotek offers a line of automatic optical sorting machine that can also be used to do automatic sorting. The optical sorting machine product line offers users flexibility over a wide range of parameters that can be measured as well as sorting machines that are designed specifically for certain objects such as screws, rivets or bolts. One sorting system from the optical sorting machine product line is designed to discriminate metallic objects based on hardness. Each optical sorting machine offers powerful technology to any production line.

Today we will talking about what are the machines created by optical sorting machine manufacturers capable of?

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 1

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 1

The machines that have been created by the optical sorting machine manufacturers fulfill functions that are really specific, and the work in this case must be much more careful than in others, this is because it is not just about creating a machine that is able to visualize an element from different perspectives, thus creating a complete image of it and the compilation of all its features, but this time the machines must make decisions.

The selection criteria are a mixture between those of the optical sorting machine suppliers and customers.

This decision-making process is linked to the criteria of the optical sorting machine manufacturers and also of the clients that have requested its elaboration, so it is important that these machines are able to translate all the requirements of the people involved correctly.

The cameras and lasers will be responsible for choosing the elements that pass the tests and for discarding those that do not.

To achieve compliance with these processes, optical sorting machine manufacturers must place cameras or lasers to fully visualize the elements that are being reviewed, but there are always some variations that will depend on the area for which the machine will be needed.

The functions of the machines must be able to vary according to what is required.

As industries are so diverse, machines must also have diverse functions in which they will make their selection processes correctly, but not all selections are based on the same, and some require more care than others.

They must differentiate elements such as size, and even colors.

Then, among the functions that fulfill these visual inspection machines we can find selections that are based on a simple comparison of two e, also some that compare the spectrum and density between the elements, but, all optical sorters must have basic principles such as differentiating the colors, because this type of selection is the most common for the food and pharmacy industries.

Some sensors are so specific that they must be able to recognize elements such as size, shape, and even the chemical composition of the objects being observed. In cases where so many features like this have to be observed, a comparison must be made well beyond the visual one, and specific acceptance parameters must be established for the tests to pass.

This means that all optical sorters must be able to make a selection by colors, also to recognize sizes, shapes, and product density. The manufacturers of these machines will ensure that they are sufficiently effective and capable of knowing related differences in these elements.

They would follow these machines with the primary idea of making comparisons between the data collected by the inspection and the data that are kept as a reference in the system. The reference data are entered from the beginning, but they are not completely rigid since there are some cases, such as in grain sorting machines, where there is a margin of error that must be handled carefully, since the grains are not all specifically the same size and still meet ideal parameters.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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