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What benefits will bring to manufacturers by using vision inspection facility

Visual inspection equipment is the use of computer algorithms and image technology to imitate human to inspection surface defects of a product. When inspected by human, the steps is taking the product and checking the defects by eyes. Through eyes looking, information is got and will be transferred to the brain for analysis, which will determine the result of pass or fail, etc. Machine vision equipment takes the same steps as human inspection, however, it is more effective and accurate with high correction rate.

Many people are confused about machine vision inspection technology. They doubt if this technique can increase productivity of manufacturing industry. For 16 years experience of research and development in machine vision and image technology,  Shenzhen sipotek technology co., ltd will explain to all what the benefits this robust technology will bring.


  1. Machine inspection equipment can provide an complete automation process for the inspection task, it can replace a labor work for 3-4 quality inspectors.


  1. Machine vision inspection facilities can make a highest performance of 1200 pcs each minute, the accuracy is up to 0.005 mm, and the accurate rate is up to 99.99%. In a larger extend, it helps increase the qualified rate at the same time improve product yields.


  1. Machine vision inspection equipment can work continuously.


  1. The factory that utilized visual inspection system can only pay for the electric fee during inspection process instead of paying salary for each labor.


  1. The performance of the machine is very stable and dependable.


  1. The inspection machine can also collect information and data for future analyse or development, which can better help manufacturers improve their own products. 


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