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What Is A Visual Inspection Machine?

Visual inspection is a very basic and frequently used test method. It is done through various tools such as vibroscopes, borescopes, magnifying glasses, mirrors, etc. And with these tools throughout history has been able to perform the visual inspection manually using the human eye, but the human eye can be subject to errors, negligence and to overlook some faults

But those days were left behind with the visual inspection machines. These machines have come to facilitate the work and to avoid all the faults that the operators can commit. But what exactly is a visual inspection machine, are products capable of guaranteeing an infinitely more precise quality control than that offered by the human eye, since it can completely eliminate dangerous components such as: errors, inconstancy, and negligence of the operators.


Visual inspection machines perform checks and measurements on a wide range of materials, from rubber to glass, from leather to wood. They can also guarantee complete and meticulous controls over a wide dimensional range: in fact, they can examine pieces from 0.5 to 190 mm. Which is almost impossible to the human eye?


Advantages of visual inspection machines. 

Identify materials that do not meet the specifications

It facilitates the correction of defects during the manufacturing process and Reduce the need for subsequent trials.

Find errors that the human eye would not find. So if you are doubting if you need one of these machines in your company, let me tell you to leave the doubts behind and acquire one of these machines Reasons to buy a visual inspection machine        –

They are fast and efficient machines-

They come in all sizes, some are desktop sized and others are larger-

They can make measurements at a great speed, even under a second, in addition to detect surface errors unable to notice the human eye-

They reduce human error-

They are easy to operate-

They are easy to learn to use, take an average of 3 minutes to learn how to use the machine-

They are practical machines-

They can make measurements of minors to 190mm

The Sipotek team designs innovative visual inspection machines, equipped with an “easy to use” operator interface and with an acquisition of accurate and maximized surface images. These machines are developed to detect surface defects, such as scratches and stains, as well as dimensional defects, which do not conform to the size of the established piece. They are also designed to identify cuts, breaks and profile defects, such as internal and external burrs. Executable inspections in a wide range of materials, from plastic to metal, from ceramics to textiles. All this can be done by a visual inspection machine in just a few minutes and as mentioned before it reduces operator errors in this task. The Sipotek team has a wide variety of visual inspection machines, which you can check on their website and find out which machine best suits your needs

About Sipotek:
Sipotek was established in the year 2002 with a view to meeting the needs of the industrial market in the fields of vision and control inspection. The company specializes in researching and in the production of high-quality CCD vision inspection for more than 16 years now.

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