Visual Inspection Machine

What is vision inspection system capable for manufacturers

The benefits of vision inspection systems is to increase uptime, improve production and reduce expensense. Vision systems allow companies to conduct 100% inspection of parts for quality control purposes.  This ensures that all products will meet the customers’ specifications.

Sipotek Vision System Box

Sipotek Vision System Box

If you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your industry, a vision inspection system could be the answer for you.  In the applications for vision inspection systems, they can be used in any number of industries in which quality control is necessary. For example, vision systems can assist robotic systems to obtain the positioning of parts to further automate and streamline the manufacturing process. Data collected by a vision system can help improve efficiency in manufacturing lines, sorting, packing and other applications. In addition, the information captured by the vision system can identify problems with the manufacturing line or other function you are examining in an effort to improve efficiency, stop inefficient or ineffective processes, and identify unacceptable products

These visual systems have the ability to measure parts as well as verifying parts to check if they are in the right position or not, another purpose of the system is to be able to identify the shapes of the parts. They are also capable of sorting as well as measuring parts at incredibly high speeds.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 26

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 26

These intelligent inspetion system can be equipped with a camera or multiple cameras, and even video and lighting. Vision systems are capable of measuring parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing the shape of parts.  Also, vision systems can measure and sort parts at high speeds.  Computer software processes images captured during the process you are trying to assess to capture data.  The vision system can be intelligent enough to make decisions that impact the function you are trying to assess, often in a pass/fail capacity to trigger an operator to act.  These systems can be embedded into your lines to provide a constant stream of information.

It’s a new technology that has been broadly applied in different industries.  2D and 3D machine vision systems are now commonly used for automated inspection, robot guidance, quality control and sorting, and much more.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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