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Which products are suitable for appearance screening?

In recent years, industrial production has gradually become intelligent, and the appearance screening machine has gradually replaced the manual detection work, which not only improves the production efficiency of manufacturers, but also ensures the accuracy of product screening.

So, which products are suitable for the appearance screening machine? Next, has been committed to the development and manufacture of image technology and machine vision, to provide manufacturers with appearance screening machine, precision detection equipment, automatic detection equipment for die-cutting products, and other machines – Sputek to answer for you! uuuuuuuuuu

Appearance screening machine is a fully automatic optical detection and screening instrument developed on the basis of image detection technology system. It is suitable for mass production of products or spare parts in plastic, hardware, electronics, food, automobile, electrical appliances, building materials, ceramics, sanitary ware and other industries, which need to be fully inspected. The shape, size, sorting, appearance quality, etc. 100% high-speed full inspection of color, burr, processing quality, printing quality, assembly location, project and other defects.

In industrial production, the pursuit of perfect product quality is the goal of many enterprises. When the appearance screening machine is used to detect the fasteners such as screws, nuts, bolts, nuts and fasteners which can be placed smoothly from M3 to M20, it can quickly complete various detection indexes. The detection speed can reach 1200 pieces per minute, and the accuracy can reach (+0.001 mm). Moreover, it can be achieved that no contact damage will be caused during the detection process.

In a word, the use of appearance screening machine is very extensive, because it is the guarantee for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and quality of production!