Automotive Production
Inspection Vision Systems


Sipotek is proud to provide visual solutions for many top automotive and primary and secondary suppliers. As a result, our machine vision system is used to inspect almost all types of parts, components and subassemblies on the automotive production line – from interior fabric inspection to final automotive inspection.

Sipotek provides vision system, smart camera and complete machine vision integration for quality control inspection, part identification and control. From simple Poka Yoke inspection table and fixture to complete line end inspection system and robot inspection unit. We can help you with six sigma production requirements to reduce ppm counts and improve quality away from your plant.

Typical automotive applications include:

  • Colour analysis
  • Product traceability
  • Product defect detection
  • Error proofing component assembly
  • Print and text inspection
  • VIN inspection
  • Presence verification of components
  • Verification of sub-assemblies
  • ID, barcode and data matrix code reading
  • Character and pattern recognition
  • Bent pin/connector inspection
  • Label reading and checking
  • Glass/window inspection
  • Robot guidance
  • Gauging and measurement of automotive components
  • Automotive electronics inspection
  • Body in white inspection cells
  • Bead and seal verification
  • Component code verification
  • Type verification
  • Surface inspection
  • Shorts and flash detection

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