visual inspection machines

Manufacturers around the world trust our machine vision systems

to maintain the quality of components, sub-assemblies and finished products.

Factory Automation

Factory Automation Machine Vision Systems Factory Automation At sipotek, we provide smart cameras, vision systems and complete machine vision integration


Automotive Production Inspection Vision Systems Automotive Sipotek is proud to provide visual solutions for many top automotive and primary and

Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

FMedical Devices & Pharmaceuticals Machine Vision Systems Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals Sipotek quality control vision systems are used in all

Electronic Component Inspection

Electronic Component Production Inspection Vision Systems Electronic Component Inspection The Machine Vision System detects defects in electronic components. Base plates

Print & Packaging

Print & Packaging Machine Vision Systems Print & Packaging Sipotek provide turnkey vision inspection systems providing manufacturers with protection against


Food Industry Vision Inspection Systems Factory Automation At Sipotek, we provide quality control vision systems into many diverse food industries,

Other Industries

Machine Vision Solutions for Other Industries Other Industries At Sipotek, we provide quality control vision systems into many diverse industries.


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