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Factory Automation

At sipotek, we provide smart cameras, vision systems and complete machine vision integration to customers requiring factory and industrial automation solutions to provide accurate inspection, control and feedback.

Our advanced range of defect detection vision systems are simple to set up and provide unparalleled ease of use. Sipotek systems are used in all areas of factory automation, from quality inspection and part identification through to robot control.

Integration with robots, actuators, pneumatics and control is straight-forward thanks to full process control integration built into the system. And, because our cameras are some of the smallest in the vision industry, they can be easily deployed in all areas of the production line and processes.

Sipotek can become a major contributor to help increase your productivity, improve your yield and increase overall quality. Sipotek offers a unique range of machine vision products and services that deliver end-to-end vision solutions and provides core technology for the industrial automation market in all areas of machine vision.

Our world class vision solutions are designed to perfectly match all your factory automation requirements, and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support.

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