Print & Packaging
Machine Vision Systems

Print & Packaging

Sipotek provide turnkey vision inspection systems providing manufacturers with protection against recalls caused by defective products and packaging.

Our high-speed and accurate visual inspection system provides assurance by inspecting each product before its communication port, helping you increase production and guarantee customer quality.

Typical applications include:

  • Rigid plastic container inspection
  • Carton and box inspection
  • Date, lot and part number verification
  • Print quality inspection
  • Content verification
  • Bottle fill level inspection
  • Damaged carton inspection
  • Packaging measurements and verification
  • Tray and flat package inspection
  • Colour inspection and processing
  • Product inspection
  • Surface inspection and contamination
  • Label inspection and verification to standards
  • Size and feature inspection
  • Seal inspection

Packaging Inspection Machines

Sipotek provides precision machines and solutions for the printing and packaging industries. Our latest generation of automated visual inspection machines include integrated conveyor belts and rejection devices, equipped with high-definition digital cameras and easy-to-use graphic displays, making setup easier and easier to use.

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