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At Sipotek, we provide quality control vision systems into many diverse food industries, ranging from snacks and dry food to fresh and frozen food applications. With increased pressure from consumers, supermarkets and government for manufacturers to deliver a “right first time” product Sipotek can provide the 100% inspection for your production process.

Sipotek designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of visual inspection solutions and complete control, allowing our system to be directly integrated with your other production processes. The vision system can achieve amazing speed while maintaining the machine, and can automatically switch between different products and processes, enabling manufacturers to produce multiple foods on one line.

Our first-class quality control vision system allows you to sit back and relax and provide offline quality control for limited details. We have saved our customers money by installing a robust and reliable vision system, and we have saved them a lot of time, so that they can get an immediate return on quality and output.

Typical applications include:

  • Date, lot and part number verification
  • Branding and livery checks
  • Seal inspection
  • Film and label inspection
  • Outer case label inspection
  • Automatic tray checking
  • Print quality inspection on labels
  • Bottle fill and cap closure
  • Damaged carton inspection
  • Packaging measurements and verification
  • Colour inspection and processing
  • Surface inspection and contamination
  • Label verification
  • Size and feature inspection

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