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Sipotek is a professional china Machine Vision Inspection System Manufacturers located in shenzhen city,they are top machine vision companies with machine vision camera manufacturers in china,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

Automation is the term used to refer to the process by which machines, equipment, systems or processes (management and production processes) are detected, judged, analyzed, processed and controlled to achieve the desired objective without the direct involvement of a human element.

In time past, this initiative was proposed by individuals, many of who thought it was a skill that was transformed from one manual operation to another through the use of machines. With the application and dissemination of the initiative, the industry hopes to begin to discover that, in reality, the initiative is not only a common change of operational tools, but also a complete replacement of mental, physical and human work and can function effectively.

Currently, the automation of artificial “union” made the initiative a complete and independent system and also extended the scope of artificial vision capabilities.

It is understood that a visual inspection system mainly includes a high-speed camera, a light source, a lens, an image acquisition card, image processing software and so on. Its competition principle is to use its sensory vision machine to perform the function of visual recognition of human eyes. If we say this first in the understanding of the people, the initiative has the hands and the brain; Now, due to the behavior of the initiative to “unite” the artificial vision, we can say that it is by the capacity of initiative and by the eyes. A machine with eyes, brain and hands can replace human resources and perform tasks by itself.

The result of the general trend is the substitution of manual inspection by automated visual inspection machines. What is the rationale? This can be analyzed in the following three areas:

First, producers are faced with high wages and difficult employment situations. They have to spend more and more in the labor market. Automated visual inspection can be considered a means of saving labor by manufacturers.

Next, the unique detection features of a non-tactile detection skills initiative increase security and reliability and can also be significantly improved for certain requirements in harsh environments.

For example, in the of welding profession, the central profession of industrial production and protection services is the profession of welder. The current position of the welding profession in China is as follows: manual welding is the main welding, which is less active, less powerful, of low quality, with a very poor working condition.

The demand for welding professionals in industrial development and modern societies and is high cost performance, high power, high quality and safety. In response to this expectation, several companies introduced the use of a vision inspection machine in the field of active welding. At the moment, some companies created calibration systems for high speed sewing, based on structured lighting. The system was fully developed independently by the company, Ketianjian. They little studied and mastered proven practical skills in the United States and in Europe.

It was designed and customized on the basis of the predominant state of the domestic welding initiative, to improve the development of existing welding equipment and machines.

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