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Defect detection equipment can replace manual inspection

In mechanical processing, people have higher and higher requirements for the surface texture of parts, both exquisite and good quality, so it is very important to detect the surface texture defects of machined parts. This means that in order to improve the level of automated production and processing, but also for parts after the work of the foundation. How to detect the surface texture defects of machined parts? The following edition will introduce a defect detection equipment for you based on experience.

Detection of Texture Defects on the Surface of Machining Parts

There are many textures on the surface of mechanical parts, and many textures are defective. In order to find defects and compensate for them, it is very helpful to improve the accuracy of the parts. In the system of surface texture detection of mechanical parts, the following aspects can be used:

(1) Inspecting the surface principle of mechanical parts with some equipment methods

(2) Input the detected information into the computer for processing.

(3) Spectrum image of computer system programmed by signal processing

After these three steps are completed, the routine detection of the surface texture of the parts is completed.

Detection and Analysis of Surface Texture Defects of Machining Parts

In the process of mechanical processing, there will be a lot of time sequence. If there are processing defects in the time sequence, it will easily lead to defects in the surface texture of mechanical parts. However, because of the different processing tools and methods, different textures in different forms may be produced, which not only affects the beauty, but also the accuracy of the parts. It will also have some impact.

After analysis, the texture feature in this direction will be weaker when the energy concentration area in the spectrum is suppressed by the frequency domain filter. We can reduce the texture feature by this method, so as to enhance the effective texture direction intensity, which is more compatible with the background texture and defective texture. Easy to distinguish and identify.

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