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What are the most popular key words for machine vision inspection

People are often confused about what machine vision can and cannot do for a manufacturing line or process. Machine vision is the use of a camera or multiple cameras to inspect and analyze objects automatically, usually in an industrial or production environment. The data acquired then can be used to control a process or manufacturing activity. A typical application might be on an assembly line; after an operation is performed on a part, the camera is triggered to capture and process an image. The camera may be programmed to check the position of something. Its color, size or shape, or whether the object is there or not. It also can look at and decipher a standard or 2-D matrix barcode or even read printed characters.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 34

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 34

The vision inspection machine use the machine vision technology to solve manufacturer’s quality issues. So when a company is looking for this kind of machine, how would he find such an supplier that can help. Here are the top 10 keywords searching on Alibaba platform.


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Typical uses of machine vision include:

Quality assurance

Robot/machine guidance

Test and calibration

Real-time process control

Data collection

Machine monitoring


Many manufacturers use automated machine vision instead of human inspector because it is better suited to repetitive inspection tasks. It’s faster and more reliable, more objective and works continuously.


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