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Automatic Optical XY Linear Motion Guide Vision Inspection Machine

Automation technology is applied in all process of prodution from raw material to final product. The vision inspection technology is largely used during these processes. Manufactuers use machine vision equipments to inspect product quality so as to eleminate human quality mistakes and improve 100% qualifiy rate. Non-standard vision inspection system is always customer oriented because the inspection basis are from images by the same kind of industrial cameras. Defects are common in the similar industry, but sizes are not the same. We can not use a screw vision inspection machine to sort an PCB board. The size of the products will be very importance to design the inspection stationary.

For large size product, we will suggest the XY Linear Motion Guide Vision Inspection Machine.

Suitable range: the system is appliable for manufactuers mainly produce rubber and plastic parts for mobile phones, telephones, computers,Al-Mg alloy products, injection mouding and other high-tech electronic products like LCD backboard, Flat computer board, 3C panel board etc. The features of thease large size products is that they have complex components on the same surface, multiple accessories are inserted, different lables, numbers etc. Using human eye to check the qualities will take a longer time than machine and mistakes will happen easily. You will forget whether this part has been checked before so you will have to go back checking again.  Instead of human inspecting by hand, a XY platform is more helpful, and faster.

The main structure of the machine

The machine is composed by the outside framework, inner host, light source controller, Plc control system, servo linear module, double carrier pallet, camera bracket, rejection module, image acquisition device and display screen.

  • The overall frame structure provides holding and protection for related devices inside.
  • The liunxhost is mainly to run image processing software system; Windows host is mainly to run motion path debugging software.
  • The light source controller mainly controls the illumination of objects to be inspected.
  • The Plc control system controls the running of servo linear module and light source.
  • The servo linear module is used to transport the pallet to the inspection section, to acquire images from multiple positions by controlling the position of camera and pallet. After acquisition of the products in pallet and quality inspection of the product, rejecting NG products through NG position information received.
  • The camera bracket is used to support camera on specific position.
  • The image acquisition device is the unit composed by camera and optical lens.
  • The image processing software system define the product quality based on images captured by relevant software tool setting.
  • The screen is the operation interface and it can display the process of image processing and results.
  • The rejection mechanism is an auxiliary device that is mainly used to reject NG products.

The feeding of the machine is human load on pallet. It’s a pallet feeding mechanism. Through human load on pallet, the servo module feeds, pallet on the left do the inspection, then pallet on the right will be unload, and feed again on the right pallet, so as to achieve alternating feeding inspection.

The image acquisition mechanism is set on linear XYZ aix. When products on the pallet are moved by servo module to specific position for image acquisition, the camera will be triggered to capture images by different light sources. The image-captured data will be transferred to upside software system and do the processing with results, which will be transmitted to downside Plc control servo Z module with a suction nozzle to sort the OK and NG products.

Sipotek Downside Control System

The down part of the machine shows the downside control system with relevant devices, including Plc controller, servo motor drive, host, power, servo motor, etc.

As shown on the picture, in the adjustment procedure, the whole system deliver relevant signal from upside control system to the down side Plc, so as to adjust accordingly to the servo module motion ( motion position quantity and position, image capture position, running speed, running time, NG position shift).

In the course of system running, pressing start button on downside left and right, the plc will receive the start signal and control the servo module motion. When the module move to position for camera image capturing, the plc send capturing signals to image processing system, which sends the electric signal and controls multiple light sources and lights up them one by one. After inspection result is defined, it will be transferred to downside plc. After finishing inspection for one side pallet and getting the NG information, the system controls module and rejects NG products by a cylinder control.

Above mentioned is a brief introduction of our current servo pallet inspection machine on structure and process aspects.

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