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2D machine vision and 3D machine vision comparison

In the past, machine vision usually refers to the 2D vision system, that is, taking a plane photo through the camera, and then recognizing the object through image analysis or comparison, can see the object on a plane feature, can be used for missing/present detection, discrete object analysis pattern alignment, barcode inspection and optical character verification, and various 2D geometric analysis based on edge detection.

Since 2D vision cannot obtain spatial coordinate information of an object, shape-related measurements such as object flatness, surface angle, volume, or features that distinguish objects of the same color, or between object positions having contact sides are not supported. 2D vision measurement the contrast of the object, which means that the measurement accuracy, it is particularly dependent on illumination and color/gray changes and susceptible to variable illumination conditions.

As a result, 3D machine vision has become more popular as demands for precision and automation are increasing. The industry believes that the transition from 2D to 3D will become the fourth revolution after black and white to color, low resolution to high resolution, and static images to motion pictures.

Compared to 2D, 3D machine vision has the following advantages:

  • Detect fast moving targets online to get shape and contrast
  • Eliminate errors caused by manual inspection
  • 100% online quality control for parts and assemblies
  • Minimize inspection cycle and recall
  • Maximize production quality and production
  • Contrast is constant, ideal for checking low contrast objects
  • Not sensitive to small lighting changes or ambient light
  • Setting up multi-sensor setup for large object detection is simpler

To choose the best visual inspection solution, firstly we need to judge the inspection object features, combine the advantages of 2D and 3D, select the most competitive solutions.

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