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Is a visual inspection machine capable of performing a review of glass bottles objects or pharmaceuticals industry?

We know that for the revision of certain parts and objects manufactured in various industries, there is always a visual inspection machine in the production area for the assessment and classification of each of these, devoting to locate any detail, fault or imperfection that this may have unlike the reference object that is considered perfect.

High resolution cameras and reference images are allied for revisions of a visual inspection machine.

A visual inspection machine, through high resolution cameras and various reference images, responsible for observing in detail each of the angles of the product that is being scanned, thus can qualify as failure images that differ from the reference.

This in many cases can be easy to perform, because, when it comes to any object of color, dark shades and lighter than the original color can announce that there is more or less material in the area and that this will compromise its structure in the moment it will be used.

There are materials in which faults can be more difficult to detect.

In the world of the manufacture of mass objects, any material can be a candidate for a detailed review, but some need more care than others to be manipulated (either at medium speeds or high speeds), for example glass.

There are many examples of visual inspections that we can observe, it is common in industries such as electronics or others, to clearly observe the use of materials such as plastic or metal, in which an anomaly can be observed quite clearly, but, to observe carefully and accurately any failure in an object made of glass, you need a camera of very high quality.

Because it is not an unbreakable material, glass deserves a slightly more delicate treatment than other materials, just as it also needs an accurate and original method to be able to carry out a complete and detailed inspection of it, therefore, at each visual inspection machine should be given quite rigid specifications regarding materials like this.

The machines of visual inspection that are used for the revision of glass products try not to manipulate too much the piece, since this one is more vulnerable than the rest, for this it is dedicated to capture the images as much in the frontal side as in the later part , to compare that both dimensions match perfectly.

The first thing that the visual inspection machine measures with respect to a material is its size, and after obtaining this data, it is dedicated to a much more detailed revision of the piece, measuring other parts and comparing them with the original parts.

A visual inspection machine is equipped to make the measurement of any material, that is, it is not limited to certain parts but can be used in a myriad of industries that require their services. This means that whatever mass production industry needs a dedicated machine to inspect details on the products, it will not have limitations in accessing one that meets their needs.

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