Models Of Visual Inspection Machine
Visual Inspection Machine

Models Of Visual Inspection Machine And Automated Optical Inspection Machines Offered By Sipotek

Sipotek specialized in visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection machine(AOI machine) over 16 years, design, production, installation and assistance of visual inspection systems according to customers’ requirement.

The complexity and miniaturization of many electronic and technological materials today is growing, and requires new production processes that accompany these technological changes.

The automated optical inspection machine automatically inspects the products that leave the surface assembly production line, detecting the presence, absence, and type and welding of the electronic components mounted on the plate, automatically finding defects that would otherwise go unnoticed. . For this reason a large number of companies seek to buy this machine and the company Sipotek is responsible for the creation of these machines

Sipotek is a company that was created in China and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry of visual inspection machines, but decided to innovate and also create automated optical inspection machine. This company is in charge of the elaboration of automated inspection machines of first quality. This company is considered a pioneer company and one of the most influential companies in the development of automated optical inspection machines. This is because it creates modern machines, easy to use, with the best technology and also with the best pieces that the market can offer.

1. Automated Optical Inspection Machine SP 600 series

It is an optical inspection machine that has an innovative design, besides that it is easy to use and is simple to use, which allows the operator to learn to use it in a few minutes. It is one of the most complete models that the Sipotek Company has; this is because it has detection indicators of up to 300 per minute.


Main functions: leak detection, displacement, angle, position displacement, burrs
Suitable for all types of die-cutting and shaving,
Allows prints less than 150mm
Wide range of personalization
Easy to use
Very complete machine
Automatic coil
The highest precision can reach 0.25mm
Detection efficiency: up to 300-1000 CM / min

2. Automated Optical Inspection Machine SP 900 series

It is an optical inspection machine that has a very elegant design as it comes in a table and is easily transportable, like other models is very easy to use and allows the user to learn quickly to use it

As operators frequently alternate their views of the magnified image of the object, the need to adjust the focus is eliminated, meaning that the machine automatically adjusts the focus for the operator
It allows the detection of defects such as incorrect loading, missing materials and other detection platforms.
Main functions: charge detection, mixing and defects.
Wide degree of application in different industries
The highest precision can reach 0.05-5mm
Detection efficiency: up to 1 second per beat

This machine is an important article of machinery that many companies around the world should enjoy; this is why the company Sipotek offers you a great variety and comfortable prices, since otherwise it would be inaccessible for companies because of its high cost. But this machine will allow remarkable improvements in the quality of many products that are produced under surface mounting assembly lines and thus achieve economies of scale in a competitive way.

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