visual inspection machine
Visual Inspection Machine

Models Of Visual Inspection Machines Offered By Sipotek From China Manufacturer For Assembly Automation Industries

Sipotek is a company that was created more than 15 years ago and is in charge of the elaboration of first quality visual inspection machines. This company is considered one of the best companies in the development of visual inspection machines in the world; this is because it creates modern machines, easy to use, with the best technology and also with the best pieces that the market can offer.

1.      Visual Inspection Machine SP T300 It is a machine of visual inspection that has a humanized design, that is to say that it is easy to use and has a simple operation interface, which allows the operator an easy and practical use of this machine. It is one of the best-selling models; this is because it has detection indicators of up to 300-1200 per minute. In the same way, it does not cause any damage to the product, but allows the owner of the company to detect any error in minutes Features –        Mechanism of automatic and specific feeding that facilitates the interface with the user and allows a greater detection of errors-        It allows the inspection of measurements such as height, width, diameter, as well as the inspection of mixing, composition, deformation, scratching among others.-        It has a great reach, that is to say that it can be used for rubber products, metal, stainless steel, plastic and even for telephone or cellular accessories-        Achieve detection speeds of up to 1200 in a minute

2.      Visual Inspection Machine: High Speed ​​Precision Testing Equipment This is one of the highest technology designs and highest precision that has the company Sipotek, perhaps the best equipment that a company can acquire and this is due to the large number of features that has Features –        It has 5 million camera lenses of different types, which facilitate the work and allow the machine to detect a greater number of measurements and errors-        It allows a great precision of evaluation of materials, being able to evaluate until pieces of cellular telephones-        The precision of the inspection size can reach 0.007mm-        Wide variety of custom accessories-        Detection speed of up to 4000 units / h-        You can check a lot of materials like Glass, steel, aluminum and others-        3D visual detection upgradeable, this indicates that the software can be updated


3.      Visual Inspection Machine: One Click Detetion Machine Being a great model of visual inspection machine, the company Sibotek presents this innovative tool in the work of visual inspection. Being one of the best machines that the sibotek company can offer Features –        It can make measurements at a great speed, even under a second, in addition to detect surface errors unable to notice the human eye-        It is easy to operate-        It is easy to learn to use, take an average of 3 minutes to learn how to use the machine-        It can make measurements of minors to 190mm

The visual inspection systems from this company can be used for a wide range of applications like colour matching & verification, presence verification, pattern recognition, pre-processing, surface inspection and for measuring. Even, Sipotek specialized in producing customized visual inspection machines as per the needs of their clients.

About Sipotek:
Sipotek was established in the year 2002 with a view to meeting the needs of the industrial market in the fields of vision and control inspection. The company specializes in researching and in the production of high-quality CCD vision inspection for more than 16 years now.

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