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What factors will influence the CCD Vision Inspection System

CCD visual inspection equipment has several unstable factors when inspecting products, which will cause a great impact on inspection accuracy and efficiency. The following are unstable factors during the detection of CCD visual inspection equipment.

Industrial cameras are the main image processing tools. Usually in the market of vision inspection market, we divided the equipment model by either CCD vision inspection , or CMOS vision inspection.

For CCD visual inspection equipment, the selection of industrial cameras takes into account its sensor type, pixels and frame number. Among them, the controller is divided into two types: CCD and CMOS. CMOS optical lens has high processing speed, and the middle distance between various components and power circuits is close to each other. The impact is serious, and the imaging noise is high. Compared with CMOS cameras, CCD controller cameras have the characteristics of high sensitivity, low noise, and fast response time. In terms of stability, CCD cameras are also more resistant to shock and vibration. General speaking, CCD controller cameras are better than CMOS cameras in terms of image quality and stability.

Another key factor that affects the camera’s imaging quality is the camera’s wide-angle lens. In addition to the wide-angle lens and the main parameters such as the focal length, a key factor affecting the accuracy of network detection is the image. The geometric deviation of the geometric shape cannot be cleared, and only the filling can be filled. Although many industrial cameras now fill the deviation caused by the wide-angle lens variation according to various methods, in the high-precision inspection industry, the geometric shape still affects the inspection accuracy.

At Sipotek, we use SONY industrial cameras with CCD controllers and provide our customer a more stable and feasible solution on industrial applications.

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