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Sipotek Technology Introduces Automated Optical Inspection Machine To Quickly Find Out Missing Components Of A Printed Circuit Board

The Company’s Automated Optical Inspection Machine automatically scans a device to check if any component is missing and helps avoid the catastrophic failure of the device.

An automated visual inspection of printed circuit boards may reveal its flaws that human eyes often fail to identify. Sipotek Technology specializes in visual inspection machines that are fast, efficient and can detect all types of errors in a device or a product. Fitted with quality camera lenses, the industrial cameras can pick images from different angles and at a vigorous speed. These images can be matched with the product template using automated software and any visible change can indicate the defects in the PCB.

The automated optical inspection machine developed by Sipotek Technology is a fast inspection machine that operates in an automated manner to check the quality of printed circuit boards, transistors and LCDs. The camera of the machine automatically scans the PCBs and checks errors, such as missing components, deformities, change in shape, distortion and others. This machine allows for a non-contact testing, and thus it can be implemented for testing of devices at different stages of manufacturing, including solder paste inspection, bare board inspection, pre-reflow and post-reflow analysis and others.  The machine can be programmed for the inspection of a wide range of parts and their accuracy.  The system includes the features of data collection, image storage and analysis and part counters.

According to the company spokesperson, the Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine can maintain a significant image capturing speed with its automatic feeding mechanism. With a speed of up to 100 frames per second, the machine is suitable for the inspection of length, diameter, distortion, missing components and other types of flaws. It can also check the blurs, black spots, scratches and other deformities in the prototype. The spokesperson reveals that a company should focus on checking all the possible errors in the prototype before going for the mass production. It can save a huge cost and will promote quality products only. The company’s visual inspection machines are capable of checking aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and other materials. With high speed detection accuracy, these machines are the best fit for the industrial automation process, which can benefit the product manufacturers.


The company spokesperson reveals that they combine the latest technologies along with superior visual inspection methodologies for companies to develop high quality products.  This could be the key technology that a manufacturer can rely upon to achieve a competitive advantage. Instead of manual inspections, the company should opt for the automated inspection technique that entails a robust image capturing and image matching to automatically detect all possible flaws in a product. For faster, more efficient and a complete inspection, the company integrates its system with a better image matching software that makes the task simple and automated.

One can check the details of the automated inspection software developed by the company on the website .


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